What customers are saying about Leonards Music

Leonard's Music has been great for providing all the instruments for my three children's school musical needs. We purchased a student clarinet from Leonards and it was very good quality and has lasted for years. We rented and eventually purchased a trombone from Leonards and it also was great quality and the rent to own process was simple and affordable.     We also had them overhaul an old and very out of service saxophone and my son said the change in the saxophone was "like a miracle". Their customer service is great and I highly recommend them.- Elizabeth C. 

My daughter was very happy purchasing the used upgraded oboe from your store. Because of the quality, she said she sounded so much better. In high school she joined the band as well as the orchestra and was able to do solos on the new instrument for performances. We were very happy with the service that we got from your company over the years. I just wanted to let you know that we would always recommend your services. - Wendy M.  



You guys were awesome, patient, and kind. Always will refer you and come back if we decide to need musical assistance. - Barbara C.  


Leonards Music is great. I bought my used Buffet B-flat clarinet from them and really count on Mike fixing any problem that comes up. Mike has fixed problems with the clarinet quickly. My clarinet has been working well for some time even though it is a second-hand instrument. My husband also had his 45 year-old Buffet clarinet properly reconditioned and repaired by Leonards. - Elsa T.

Thanks again for your help with this repair. Your speedy response and turn-around was much appreciated. - Charlotte S.

 Thanks for your excellent services! - Karen G.

Thank you for the repairs to my sons clarinet and sax. The clarinet sounds like an instrument again. I also appreciate the turn around time. - Neil G

I love Leonard's Music, and have relied on their service for about as long as they've been in business, and continue to use them even though I no longer live in the area.  Mike and Becky are wonderful people who are always ready to help. I bought my new Buffet B-flat clarinet from them, had a violin beautifully overhauled by Mike this past year, and just recently bought clarinet reeds and accessories through their mail-order service. I interacted with one of their customer service employees about a supply that was back-ordered, and she was prompt and very pleasant. I have relied on Mike's clarinet repair expertise for close to 20 years and still trust him the most with my instrument-- he loves his work, and it shows. Highly recommend! - Jane D.  

By their very nature, bass clarinets can be troublesome. They tend to go out of adjustment easily and often need professional attention. Even the slightest leaks cause major troubles. Whenever that happens to my bass, I call Leonard's Music and ask for an appointment with Mike to please "work his magic" for me. Mike always makes time that day or the next to fit me in, even when he's obviously swamped with other work. The adjustments and repairs are always done quickly and perfectly. Deanna and the other staffers are knowledgeable, pleasant, and helpful. Many repair shops will not even deal with bass clarinets. I feel very fortunate to have found Mike Leonard. - Marilyn D.

Wow - you did it - I have been messing around - knowing I have a pretty decent instrument - but just never functioning properly - and last night I could feel the difference - and the tone was super -  last night the music director commented on how great the bass clarinet sounded - I am so glad I found you - thank you so much - Martha C.

We did receive the Piccolo today, thank you so much.  I really appreciate everything Mr. Leonard did to help me out with this.  Not only did he save me a lot of money but he also made sure that I got a great instrument.  I am truly clueless to these instruments and who knows what I would have ended up with without his help - Teresa N.

We have been customers of Leonards Music for many years. Everyone at Leonards music has been very helpful, professional, kind and go out of their way to satisfy their customers. My sons are both in marching band and have been very happy with the instruments we rented from Leonards music. My older son who is in a college marching band had his clarinet accidentally stepped on in the field. We were able to get a replacement clarinet while they repaired his clarinet on a very short notice. If it wasn't for their care for their customers my son would have missed marching on several occasions with his band. Our experience with Leonards Music has been great all along and they always gone out of their way to make sure that we were happy. - Mousa S.

Leonard's Music has been a stalwart of our family for clarinet, flute and bassoon repairs and saxophone rental. I have found them to be responsive and go above and beyond when I describe whatever band or symphony emergency our girls have - repairs are turned around rapidly if I need them to be.  Couldn't be more pleased. A++++ in my book! - B.C.  

I've had my daughter's instrument worked on at Leonards a few times.  They have always been professional and prompt with the repair schedule - always having it ready when they say they will.  The staff has always been very courteous and always communicate what happened with the repairs.  The owners know the music business because they are top professional musicians in the area. I recommend my students go to Leonards for rentals, repairs and supplies because I know they will get quality instruments, successful repairs and the correct supplies at reasonable prices.  Well worth the trip to Bedford for the quality work. - Donna T.

Mike is a magician with clarinet and saxophone repair - Ron S.

Thank you sooooooo very much for all the incredible help with our recent euphonium purchase! I am truly amazed at your willingness to go above and beyond and really usher us through the process of buying the next level instrument for our son! We have always been pleased with the great service you have provided renting instruments for our kiddos through the schools and just wanted to thank you for all you do! – Leah P.

Thank you for two years of great service! - Tracy B.

Much appreciated, u guys had Top Notch service! It was awesome working with u. THANK!! U!! - J.

am so impressed with your system of operation. Very user friendly.

This has been a very pleasant experience. - Irem T.

Thank you - your company was always wonderful to work with - Jennifer B.

Thank you - your company was always wonderful to work with. - April P.