What are your office hours?

Monday - Friday: 9am-5pm 
Saturday: 8am-2pm

Do you repair non-rental instruments?

Yes. Our shop is equipped to repair all band and orchestral instruments.

Can I bring my instrument to Wayland?

Unfortunately, no. Now that we have relocated to Bedford, we no longer conduct any business out of our Wayland residence.

Will you deliver accessories to my child’s school?

The only time we will deliver accessories to your child's school is when they are ordered with their rental, we will drop them off with the instrument. If you require accessories after that time you will need to place an order on-line that will ship direct to your home. (Shipping fees will be applied). 

My teacher says that only a quick fix is needed, can you fix my instrument while I wait?

In many cases, yes. When you bring your rental instrument in, our technicians will go over it and if they can get it done while you wait they will. There are times when what may seem to be a simple fix to one person could actually be an underlying cause to a larger problem. In those instances, we will ask to keep it overnight and have it ready for you the following business day.

How long will it take to repair my instrument and how much will it cost?

Without seeing the instrument we cannot determine length of time or cost. We liken it to taking your car in for service, unless we can hear the “clinking” noise, we cannot pin point the problem. Our technicians thoroughly test the instruments and check them to be sure they work properly. This process takes time, but is worth the wait. We know that your instrument is important to you and we try our best to accommodate your schedule.

Do you have a loaner I can borrow while my instrument is being repaired?

We do have some instruments that can be loaned out but unless the repair time is excessive we do not usually offer this option. All loaners include a $25.00 cleaning fee when they are returned.

How can I pay for my repair?

Leonards Music is set up to accept most payment methods.

Rental Q & A

How long is this rental for?

All contracts are on a month-to-month basis.

Is there a deposit required when renting an instrument?

There is no deposit required.

How do I get my instrument?

You may select "In Shop Pick-Up" or "Free School Delivery" when placing your new rental on-line. Your are also welcome to come to our store and fill out your contract here.

I am renting multiple instruments for my children, do I need to fill out a new contract for each child?

Yes, for legal reasons as well as record keeping purposes, it is required that each instrument (and player) have their own contract filled out.

What if my child's instrument isn't working properly?

Please call or e-mail us and we will arrange to pick your instrument up at your child's school within 48 hours. We will bring it back to our shop for repair & return it within 24 hours. If the instrument requires extensive repair, a loaner will be provided. Your are always welcome to bring the instrument to our store and have a technician go over it while you wait.

When will the instrument be owned by me?

Each contract has a certain number of months that will pay off the instrument. Once you have paid through the number of months listed on your contract, the instrument is yours.

What if I want to buy the instrument early?

We offer a 35 % discount off the remaining balance within the first 12 months and a 25% discount on the remaining balance at any time after 12 months. Just call or e-mail us to find out what your bout price would be. Note: String instruments do not qualify for the discount.

What if I want to return the instrument?

You must call or e-mail us and we will make arrangements to pick-up your instrument at your child's school. Note: DO NOT leave the instrument at the school without notifying us. Your instrument will not be returned and your monthly charges WILL continue.

Will I owe any money if I return the instrument?

No additional money will be owed as long as your payments are up to date. There are no monetary penalties for returning your instrument.