As our towns and cities advise us off their schedules for instrument pick-ups at school, we will update that information here.

Please check back frequently. 


Andover Public

Instrument pick-up at Andover High School

Wednesday, September 23rd 5:00pm - 7:00pm


Burlington Public - Per John Middleton

"Yes, we will have a band program. We will be playing outside, or at home online. We’re still working out all the details. But yes there will be a band program."


Carlisle Public 

Instrument pick-up Friday, September 25th


Dover - Chickering Elementary

Instruments to be distributed after September 21st


Lexington PublicPer Band & Orchestra Dept.

1. YES, we are STILL providing elementary instrumental instruction to our students this coming fall (4th and 5th grade strings, and 5th grade band) in all the typical instruments we offer.  There have been some rumors going around that this is not the case so we wanted to be sure you all know that regardless of what this fall is going to look like, we will still be moving forward!


Lincoln Public - Per Karen Sheppard

"YES, there will be band." Parents will be notified by their schools as information becomes available.


Newton Country Day - Per Brandon Hagan

"My high school band is still a class and will do assignments virtually."

"My middle school band program will most likely be all virtual this year. I am still figuring it out with my principal on how and when it will start, but I don't foresee it starting until October."


Sherborn - Pine Hill Elementary

Instruments to be distributed after September 21st


Waltham Public - Per Julie Souza

All rental applications must be submitted by September 14th. Leonards Music will be dropping new rentals off at each students school the week of September 21st. and the Music Department staff will contact parents with pick up information.


Wayland Public
 Friday, September 21st: Curbside pick-up at Wayland High School
Wayland Elementary Instrumental Music Sign Up
Now through September 13
Just a reminder that instrumental music will continue to be a big part of the Wayland elementary schools this fall! While it certainly won't feel like "normal" school, we can guarantee that we will continue to provide vibrant, stimulating instrumental instruction. Our program will be remote this year and will include opportunities to "perform" together. We hope you will join us for another wonderful year of Wayland music!
In order for your child to participate in the Elementary Instrumental Music program, registration for all new AND returning students must be completed no later than September 13.  This will allow time for instruments, supplies and materials to be ordered and prepared; they will be distributed through contactless pickup on September 21st (times tbd).
To register for the Elementary Instrumental Music Program for the 2020-2021 school year, please visit the Wayland Elementary Band or Strings website at:
Band (grades 4 & 5): [email protected]